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'Perceptions' nominated as World's Best Recipe Book

Relish Publications title 'Perceptions' by accomplished chef Mark Greenaway has been shortlisted by the Gourmand Awards as the best UK recipe book for 2017.

The book has been recognised for its outstanding production and quality content and photography. Perceptions will now go forward to the world finals in May 2017, when Mark Greenaway and Relish Publications will represent the UK in the world finals which are taking place in China.

Commenting on winning the UK category for best recipe book, and the world Gourmand nomination, Duncan Peters said: 'This is a major achievement for Relish Publications and also for Mark Greenaway. His passion and talent was really showcased by Perceptions and we always believed it was a great book. Taking part in the Gourmand World Book awards is a great opportunity for us to reach out to the international market. The book has already reached the top spot on Amazon as the best selling recipe book, which shows how much interest there has been in the UK. The award and recognition we have received has been great, and proves that Mark Greenaway and Perceptions is innovative, original and inspiring.'

The Gourmand Awards will take place in Yantai, China, between May 27-30. There will be 2 separate ceremonies for the awards (May 28 for Wine and Drinks, May 29 for Food and Cookbooks).

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