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A Relish hard back cook book makes an excellent addition to any foodie’s cook book collection. They make an excellent gift, as they are produced with the same care and attention to detail as the chefs give to their dishes. 

You might be an aspiring chef who seeks inspiration from other chefs or you may wish to indulge in the stunning photography. This online guide offers just a mere taste of what our books will offer you.


The UK's finest chefs share their exclusive recipe in each book and these will offer a challenge, yet are presented in a clear and concise way that makes them easy to follow. Along with the specially selected wine recommendations for each dish, this means that preparing Michelin starred recipes in your own home is easier than ever before.


Even if you do not think that you are much of a cook, these Relish Restaurant Guides contain mouth-watering photography and well-written entries about the restaurants that will give you plenty of ideas about where to go for your next meal out. 

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